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    FX2LP18 does not enumerate


      Hi, We've received our new board with a FX2LP18 inside.


      We have a large EEPROM inside to store the "Connect" Firmware (and perhaps the true firmware one day).


      The I2C bus is 1.8V. The communication is OK with the EEPROM. I was able to program it (using a didicated master - a promira)  from adress 0x0000 with the following DATAs :

      C2 B4 04 14 86 00 00 00 00 07 00 00 90 e6 80 e4 f0 80 fe 80 01 e6 00 00


      Theses DATAs are the .IIC file (LP18_safe) available in the \CY3687_MOBL-USB_FX2LP18_DVK\1.0\Firmware\Connect folder.

      The EEPROM is correctly written. After a RESET, i can see the I2C communication of the FX2LP18 onto this EEPROM. All seems OK.


      But after that the FX2LP18 does not enumerate.  What i'm doing wrong ?


      ** NEWS ** IN fact it enumerates. USB sound can be heard.

      But Drivers not found. I tried another .IIC to use same PID/VID than FX2LP.



      What i need to do ?

      I would like to see my device in the USB control Center to be able to do a RAM download.



      *** LAST MINUTE ** : It is OK. I've made an inversion in the PID/VID