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    eFuse Programming - Worse Performance at VDDIO0 = 2.5V




      We have blown eFuse bits with VDDIO0 = 3.3V and VDDD=1.8V. With these voltages, blowing fuses can take 1 to 3 attempts.


      When we set VDDIO0 = 2.5V and VDDD=1.8V, blowing fuses consistently takes 3 or more attempts. Sometimes, after numerous attempts bits are never blown.


      I've seen this post: Re: Does blowing the eFuse require 2.5V or at least 2.5V? (con't) and I've also seen the PSoC63 datasheet indicate "To program an eFuse, VDDIO0 must be at 2.5 V ±5%, at 14 mA."


      Do you have guidance as to why setting VDDIO0=2.5V doesn't guarantee bits to be blown? In addition, why would setting VDDIO0=2.5V result in more required eFuse programming attempts?