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    CX3 Boot mode configuration




      According to the CX3 datasheet, the device can load boot images from varios sources. And it is necessary to adjust the configuration of the PMODE pins in order to select each option.  In reference to this, in the datasheet there are four boot options (you can see it in the attached figure).


      So I have the following question:

           What happens if I configure the PMODE pins whit a different configuration, which is not declarated in the datasheet, such as for example: 111, or 011? How will start the device?

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          It is not recommended to configure the PMODE lines in a configuration other than the defined configurations in the attached image for proper operation of the CX3 device.

          If CX3 is configured in any other configuration, the device can behave unexpectedly, enumerate under a different device class or may not even enumerate in some cases (011).


          So, it is recommended not to use PMODE configurations other than the defined ones.