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    Using "cyfx3gpio.h" in different project solutions


      I have the CYUSB3KIT-003 EZ-USB FX3 SuperSpeed Explorer Kit, and have difficulty merging the different C project solution examples you provide in the SDK ZIP-folder.


      I simply want to use the "BootLedBlink" project solution together with the "UsbSpiDmaMode" project solution. I've included the additional paths in Eclipse (compiler + assembler), such that I can use

      #include "cyfx3gpio.h"

      in my cyfxusbspidmamode.c script file.

      When I try to use a function from the header file, ex. "CyFx3BootGpioInit ();", I get an "undefined reference to "CyFx3BootGpioInit" error:

      I am completely new to all this setup, but I have had no luck trying to find a solution. Several Google results discuss the makefile, and incorrect referencing.

      Below You can see I've used both path references:


      Hope its an easy fix!


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          The example project BootLedBlink makes use of APIs in the boot library whereas the example project UsbSpiDmaMode makes use of APIs in the firmware library. It is not recommended to use boot library and firmware library together in a project.


          I understood that your intention is to use a GPIO in the project UsbSpiDmaMode . For this, you can refer to the SDK example cyfxgpioapp. This project makes use of firmware library and can be found in the following location of FX3 SDK:

          C:\Program Files (x86)\Cypress\EZ-USB FX3 SDK\1.3\firmware\serialif_examples


          Please merge this project with UsbSpiDmaMode to develop your end application.


          Best Regards,