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    HCI Uart and Spi don't work at the same time


      Hello AnjanaM_61 and Cypress Team,


      I'm using the CYW20706 part. My application requires the use of the SPI_1 bus. This bus uses the same physical pins as the PUART, so I've switched over to using the HCI UART is the debug interface. However, I noticed once I enable the SPI_1 bus, the HCI UART output is corrupted. I came across this earlier post which explains that the SPI_1 bus and HCI UART share a hardware fifo, and hence can't be used at the same time.

      CYBT-343026 enabling peripheral SPI kills HCI UART


      As I would like to use both the SPI bus and the HCI UART, I would like to disable the SPI bus when it is not needed so I can see debug information. How can the SPI bus be disabled / de-initialized? I initialize the SPI bus with this api call:


      But the API doesn't seem to have a disable / de-initialize function, at least when acting as a SPI master.


      As for the HCI UART, it appears I can enable and disable the HCI UART with these API calls:


      wiced_set_debug_uart( WICED_ROUTE_DEBUG_TO_HCI_UART );

      and disable:

      wiced_set_debug_uart( WICED_ROUTE_DEBUG_NONE);


      Please let me know how to disable / de-initialize the SPI bus so that I can use the HCI UART when I'm not using the SPI bus.