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    CCG2 type-c to DisplayPort cable support


      I can find the reference design here:

      EZ-PD™ CCG2 USB Type-C to DisplayPort Cable Solution

      but there are schematic only, where can I access how to use it, such like configuration, pin assignments and other functions.

      May I use EZ-PD Configuration Utility to program ccg2 as type-c to DisplayPort controller, and what other tool can I use?

      In EZ-PD Configuration Utility User Manual, use billboard device to program CCG2, so another question is that is billboard device necessary for normal usage, or enable when programming and error occurring.

      我只能找到参考设计的原理图,请问从哪能获得其他使用信息;是否可以使用EZ-PD Configuration Utility配置CCG2;USB billboard是否是必要