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    AN83902 Not Supported in PSOC Creator 4.3




      I am trying to use firmware Application developed by Cypress AN83902, I am using PSOC Creator 4.3, during compilation I am seeing error as "Error in customizer for component "cy_pins_v2_5" : Loading : (Unable to locate and customize component 'cy_pins_v2_5' used in schematic 'D:\PSOC Workspace\DOCS\AN83902\Firmware\Example1.cydsn\TopDesign\TopDesign.cysch'.)." 


      How do I resolve this.




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          I downloaded the Cypress AN83902 archive project.


          I received the same errors as you did.


          The issue you have is the project was built with component versions older than what is available in Creator 4.3.   I'm also assuming that 4.3 is the only version you installed on your machine.


          Since the component versions in the project are out-of-date, the Application Build phase is complaining that it can't find the earlier versions.

          Therefore the fix is to update the old component versions to the latest versions.


          Follow these steps:

          1. Select the icon located on the bottom right of the Creator window.
          2. The component Update Tool will appear.  Select the "Next" button.
          3. The window will change and ask you to confirm the changes.  Select "Finish".
          4. You will see a window "Workspace/Project Archiver".  Select "Cancel".   You don't need to archive the old project since you already have an archive of the project from Cypress.
          5. Once the operation is complete you should see the following in the "Output" window.
          6. Now you should be able to one or both Example projects without an "Application Build" phase error.  You'll get a warning.  Ignore it.


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            Thanks Le,


            I am able to build the project without any error, I want to use only the Host part, how should i do it

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              I don't understand the MDIO component very well.  If you're only interested in the MDIO host, just delete the MDIO Interface side of the TopDesign schematic.


              Here's a suggestion:

              1. Add a new schematic page in the TopDesign.
              2. Copy ALL the schematic elements in the "Basic Example" page using Ctrl-A.
              3. Disable "Basic Example"
              4. Paste your clipboard (Ctrl-V) into the new "Page 1"
              5. Erase all the unwanted circuits in "Page 1".


              The reason for these steps are to preserve the original "Basic Example" with the MDIO Interface circuits to use as a working test environment.  However, these steps disable the "Basic Example" page so ti will not be built.


              To go back if you need it, Disable "Page 1" and Enable "Basic Example".