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    Problem starting the hci_hid_device example application

      When running the hci_hid_device example application the following appears in the log:


      Broadcom Debug Port: TestHIDD APP START

      wiced_trans_uart_buffer_init result 0

      wiced_bt_create_pool 22bf28 22c4ec

      BT Enable status: 0x00

      Local Bluetooth Address: [20:70:6A:10:EC:39]

      wiced_trans_install_data_handler returned status = 0

      hci_control_spp_rfcomm_start_server: rfcomm_create Res: 0x6  Port: 0x0000

      HIDD initialized


      It seems like hci_control_spp_rfcomm_start_server returns 0x6 which is WICED_BT_RFCOMM_NO_RESOURCES if I read the enum correct.


      This problem applies to both Beta 2.2 and Beta 2.3 (I have not tried older releases than Beta 2.2).

      Any suggestions?