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    PSoC 6 ECO Source Maximum Frequency?


      Dear Cypress,


      One of my customer has been developing their product using PSoC 6 (CY8C6136BZI-F14).

      Their product will use both USB and I2S and they want to run CM4 as fast as possible.


      To support Audio frequency of 48kHz and 44.1kHz, they are planning to feed 34.4064MHz to ECO.

      They will generate 147.456MHz clock using PLL and for the USB clock they are planning to feed 48MHz to External Clock.


      But when I tested with PSoC Creator, the maximum frequency I could feed to ECO was 33.3MHz.

      Meantime in the data sheet the maximum frequency of ECO source is stated as 35MHz.

      The customer also confirmed this using MTB 2.2.

      But to stay in the safer side, they want to confirm/ask the following questions.


      Question 1.

      Can the customer feed 34.4064MHz as the source of ECO?

      Or is/are there limitation that ECO can accept only up to 33.3MHz?


      Question 2.

      How much diffusion between I2S clock and USB Audio is allowed?

      Can it be in the order of 0.1% or 0.01%?


      Best Regards,


      Motoo Tanaka