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    how to upload code to PSOC 4Ble using usb .


      hi all ,

      this is arul ,am very new bee for psoc and I have knowledge in pic and arm (u vision).  last week I bought CY8ckit-042-BLE and downloaded  and installed the psoc  creator 4.3.

      firstly i just create simple led blink project with below steps and i try to upload to kit but i cant so please kindly some one advise me how i upload the code to kit.


      steps i followed :

      1. new project

      2.selet empty schematic>target -4200 ble >entered project name .

      3. in the schematic file i created a new output pin .

      4. connect the pin into ic design  .

      5.main file just toggle the output with delay

      6.click build button and its compiled successfully.

      7. i connect my kit using usb and click upload button but the program not upload .

      here i attached some  reference image .please kindly some one help me to resolve this thanks.