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    I2C stability of MBR3


      Dear Community,


      I post this message because we have some trouble with the I2C of a CY8CMBR3108.

      The 0x37 address appears and disappears from the bus even if dummy i2c command are sent to wake up the module and I was not able to send any data to it.


      This module is a fresh one, no configuration has be pushed to it yet.


      The MBR is connected to an IMX6UL to the I2C0 bus:

      - Clock 400Khz

      - Pad config 0x4001b8b0

      - Supply 3V3

      - Pull-Up on SDA et SCL of 10K (also tried with 4K7)


      The operating system is Debian Buster kernel 4.14.78.

      For the test purposes, I used "i2cdetect 0" to list addresses on the bus and "i2cset 0 0x37 0x00" to try to wake up the MBR


      We are awaiting for an oscillo to analyse the bus but maybe someone of you already have faced of this kind of troubles and can help us to solve it.


      Many thanks in advance for your help