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    How can I use puart hw flow control??




      I using cyw20706 and I want to use puart flow control.


      because I have to stop receiving data from UART. use a hardware flow control when I want.


      my settings are as follows


      wiced_hal_puart_select_uart_pads( 33, 31, 35, 30);

      wiced_hal_puart_flow_on( );


      wiced_hal_puart_enable_tx(); // call wiced_hal_puart_disable_tx to disable transmit capability.




      I think if I don't use "wiced_hal_puart_reset_puart_interrupt", hci_puart_rx_interrupt_callback don't be called by stack and

      when cyw20706's  RX FIFO is full, puart rts have to rise.


      But puart rts didn't operate not yes


      please tall me how can I use Flow control???