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    Why are posts being locked?


      It seems that shortly after posts are made, they are being locked. This eliminates the possibility of ongoing discussion, the sharing of new findings by other members of the community in a coherent manner, and seriously reduces the utility of going through the effort of posting information here. I was about to share a few more potentially useful UDB components I've been working on, along with some questions on how to make them better (tips and techniques that other might know that I do not), but it just doesn't seem worth the work I would need to put into the process to make it useful. I guess I will just post the stuff on my own blog where it will languish in complete obscurity on the Internet and be of no use to members of the PSoC community or infineon+Cypress. Sigh.


      The questions I have asked are also locked without having been answered it seems. What is the purpose of this forum anyway?

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          Hi James,


          Apologies for the inconvenience. Could you please let us know the exact thread you facing the issue with? Normally we lock the threads when the issue is resolved so that in future unrelated questions are not appended on the thread. This helps us in keeping the thread relevant to the topic and also make sure that new questions are created on the under the right title, so that it becomes more accessible to all users. We do understand the importance of the discussions and how much they are helpful. In such cases we categorize those as "discussions threads" which are never locked. Normally you have an option to mark the issue as a question or a discussion while creating the thread. In case if a thread has been categorized wrongly, kindly let us know. We will rectify the issue.



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            For instance, this relatively recent question still has not been resolved, and whether someone provides an answer or I figure it out on my own, I think this topic could be of use to others trying to develop UDB components (if there is a definitive answer one way or the other).


            Initializing UDB Auxiliary Control Register before main()?