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    AP interface momentarily goes down and comes up when STA interface is started

      We are facing a very serious issue of AP interface going down momentarily when the STA interface is started on WICED 3.1.2 My platform is BCM9WCDPLUS114  and the module is WM-N-BM-14


      Our Observation:-


      1.The mobile phone was connected to WICED's AP ,as soon as the board connected to the router and started the STA interface, we noticed that the mobile got disconnected i.e the board's AP was down for a while ,it got reconnected after around 10 seconds.


      2. This problem is also noticed when the STA interface is already up and we try to connect to an external network.

      3.I even tried with security disabled on both STA and AP interfaces of WICED,but the problem still exists.

      4.If any device is connected to the AP mode of wiced, we can see that it has disconnected from the network for few seconds and then connects back. We lose any UDP packets that were sent during this period.SeyhanA_31GregG_16abirjepatil@