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    How can I change i2c port in iap.lib ???


      I am using cyw20706 and hope to change I2C port in iap.lib

      because I want to use puart hw flow and i2c. but two pin comes into conflict



      I confirmed that I2c in wiced_bt_mfi.c is designed by software i2c(don't used I2C's API)


      but I don't know these.


      way for use "GPIO_set"(port setting  -> why A8 is port 13?)


      means of cr_pad_fcn_ctl_adr2 and cr_pad_config_adr7




      How can I change i2c port???

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          I am not sure, whether it is changeable or not. Let me collect more info about the lib.


          May I know below details.

          • Are you using WICED SDK?
          • Also, Which platform board are you using? Is it CYW920706WCDEVAL?


          On CYW920706WCDEVAL, I2C-compatible interface is not usable via D8 and E8 pins since the SPI signals are connected to the serial flash on this hardware. But CYW20706 does support an I2C-compatible interface (BSC interface) via pins A8 and C7 (including pull ups) or B7 and C7. These does not conflict with puart flow control pins (C6, A8). Will it solve your problem?


          Useful docs:




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            Hi Dheeraj


            Thank you for your answer. I resolve I2C. but I have one more question


            I want to use puart flow control.


            because I have to stop receiving data from UART. use a hardware flow control when I want.


            my settings are as follows


            wiced_hal_puart_select_uart_pads( 33, 31, 35, 30);

            wiced_hal_puart_flow_on( );


            wiced_hal_puart_enable_tx(); // call wiced_hal_puart_disable_tx to disable transmit capability.




            I think if I don't use "wiced_hal_puart_reset_puart_interrupt", hci_puart_rx_interrupt_callback don't be called by stack and

            when cyw20706's  RX FIFO is full, puart rts have to rise.


            But puart rts didn't operate


            please tall me how can I use Flow control???

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              Since, you created a separate thread for puart flow control, lets discuss the issue there.

              Please check How can I use puart hw flow control??