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    SDK 3.1.2 Multiple Concurrent TLS Sessions = No

      If this has already been answered, please post a link to that answer. Thanks.  I tried searching but never came across an answer.


      Using SDK 3.1.2, with a TLS connection already opened up to a server.  With this connection still open I cannot seem to open a second TLS connection to another server.  I can open a clear (HTTP) connection and download a file just fine, but anything TLS fails to open. 


      Is there a limit of 1 TLS session at a time?  If so, is it possible to increase this limit with the source code exposed via the SDK to me?  Or am I stuck, dead end, and I have to terminate the first TLS connection before I can start the second TLS connection, then once that second TLS connection is closed, and I can re-open the first connection? 

      There are no guarantees that second connection will use the same root CA as the first connection.  That is not known at compile time. 



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          We have some folks traveling. We will get back to you. Sorry for the delay.

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            Update: Using HTTP/HTTPS GET to retrieve a file from a web server. 


            When I use HTTP GET (port 80, no TLS) I am getting a reply with fragment data length of 1460 bytes, i.e. I get the response which is the file data in chunks of 1460 bytes to put it simply.


            When I switch over to HTTPS (TLS v1.2, port 443) to the exact same web server and file request, the fragment data length increases to 61423 which blows away my code because only 128KB of RAM total on the part.


            I am assuming that there must be a configuration setting that I am missing or an extra parameter that I need to place in my GET call which set an upper limit on the fragments.  Yes?   Anybody know what that is?  #define somewhere or another call I need to make if using TLS connections?