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    CY8C4013SXI-400 Pin Setup Questions


      I am relatively new to the world of electrical engineering (coming from mechanical and optical engineering) and want to use the PSoC 4000 series, specifically the CY8C4013SXI-400 as the microcontroller to control an LED's brightness with 2 push button inputs. I am having a bit of trouble figuring out how the pins exactly work. It is an unregulated power supply so according to the manual, the VDD pin would be the input and VCCD and VSS would go out into ground (yes I know capacitors are needed at certain points). That leaves P0.4, P1.1, P1.6, P3.0, and P3.1. Do the names of these pins mean anything, it seems like they are named in a way they do? For example, what I am thinking of doing is having P0.4 and P1.1 connect with a push button and P3.0 and P3.1 also connect with a push button. Then P1.6 would lead into the LED driver I selected into the PWM pin. I would also set up the coding in the microcontroller to know what is happening, like to send the PWM down P1.6 and how the duty cycle changes with each push button. Does this sound correct with how you would set this up, or do the pins do specific things and this setup wouldn't work? Or if this setup won't work, what is a better way of doing this with the CY8C4013SXI-400?

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          Hi ,


          The device "CY8C4013SXI-400" you choose don't support the CSD function.

          You can choose another chip:

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            Please check the following in the data sheet for the pin names.



            For example,

            P3[0] and P3[1] are SWD_IO and SWD_CLD. or I2C SDA and I2C SCL.

            In all packages, P3 [0] and P3 [1] are assigned to have the same functionality.

            These P3[0] and P3[1] can be used as GPIO.


            This P1[1] is a dedicated PWM output terminal.

            P1[6] is dedicated COMP output terminal.

            These P1[1] and P1[6] can be used as GPIO too.


            Actually confirmed with PSoC Creator,

            PWM output can be assigned only to P1[1], and mechanical switch input (digital input)  or LED (digital output) can be assigned to any terminal.