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    reboot while connecting 4. sensor to hello_client



      I have set blecm_setmaxconnection(6) so it should be possible to connect 6 devices.

      But at the moment I can only connect 3 devices. If I press the button to allow a new connection,

      the client is rebooting.


      As another test, I set the max connections to 4, but I can sill only connect 3 devices.

      The 4. device won't connect to the client.


      I appended the traces of both tests.

      (The logs are of the hello_client, but the name of it is sensor, so don't get confused :-) )


      Perhaps somebody has a hint for me what I could check to connect my 6 devices.


      One thing I noticed is the numbering of the handles.

      The handles are: 0x40, 0x42, 0x43. But where is 0x41 (reserved for the smartphone)?

      Also the last device get disconnected with reason 0x3E, but reconnects successfully.

      Could this be the reason for the one missing connection if max connections is 4?