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    How do I add LWIP apps (MQTT,ALTCP_TLS) to the AnyCloud Wi-Fi app?


      I built the AnyCloud Wi-Fi scan app, and modified it to connect to an AP. I'm trying to call MQTT functions in the `lwip` app folder, but for some reason the altcp_tls and mqtt files are not in the JSON compile script, so I get linker errors. They also are not COMPONENTS, so adding additional components to the Makefile variable does not add them.


      The source code is already there in the `libs/lwip` folder, it just isn't compiling and linking. How do I add additional LWIP apps to the `compile_commands.json` file or Makefile?


      For reference I'm building on CY8CPROTO-062-4343W and the latest ModusToolbox.




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          Found the answer: in libs, under "wifi-mw-core" there is a file called ".cyignore" which ignores the entire lwip/src/apps folder. By expanding this and ignore just the components I don't need (like /http/) I am able to get the ModulsToolbox startex.mk makefile process to add MQTT and ALTCP_TLS libraries to the "compile_commands.json" file.


          Also, both the Makefile and the Modus (eclipse) project must have the same defines set to use LWIP_ALTCP_TLS and LWIP_ALTCP_TLS_MBEDTLS, otherwise the IDE thinks everything is fine, but the Makefile build flow fails.