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    How can I get started with CYBT-353027-EZ EVAL-01?


      Good day!


      I am new to Cypress devices but have some experience in BLE design.

      I have CYBT-352027-EZ EVAL-01 and I need to use CYBT-353027-02 in my design for standalone operation.

      It is good because it has suitable dimensions and good functionality.


      I got some questions:

      1) Can the module be programmed to work in BLE and Classic Bluetooth network simultaneously?

      E.g. be a master to control heartrate in BLE and be a master to work in headset or A2DP Sink profile in Classical Bluetooth. Possible?


      2) As far as I understand CYBT-353027-02 has CYW20706 core in it. Right?


      3) I have installed WICED-Studio-6.2 and tried hello_sensor demo example (hello_sensor-CYBT_353027_EVAL download UART=COM77). It works fine and could connect to my CYBT-353027-02 and discover it GATT structure from smartphone. But I don't understand how to debug the program in WICED Studio (use breakpoints, go by steps, enter functions and so on).

      What is the way to debug program?




      Best regards,