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    Immunity performance of USB 2.0 Hub IC CY7C65632-48AXC




      We have been using CY7C65632-48AXC HUB in some of our PCB's to support various USB interface devices onboard.


      We have failed the Immunity test in the PCB which has this Hub IC in it.

      During the Immunity test, IEC-61000-4-3 Electric field test 10V/m USB Hub IC CY7C65632-48AXC is resetting at frequencies around 370 MHz.


      We would like to know if this IC is certified for the Immunity test  IEC-61000-4-3 Electric field test 10V/m or is there something missing in my schematic? 

      I would also share the schematic if needed. Hoping for your quick response. Thank you.