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    [CYBT-343026-01] Module Placement and Enclosure Considerations




      As a method of mounting CYBT-343026-01 on the Host board, refer to the following application notes.

      - AN220929 Getting Started with EZ-BLE WICED Modules


         [8 Module Placement and Enclosure Considerations]


      The family associated with this application note seems to be "CYBLE-0130XX-00", can it also be applied to CYBT-343026-01?


      In particular, I would like to know if the following items can be applied in the same way.


      [8 Module Placement and Enclosure Considerations]


      8.2 Module Placement in a Host System

      8.3.2 Effect of Nonmetallic Enclosure

      8.3.3 Effect of Metallic Objects

      8.3.4 Recommendations for Placement over a Large Metal Plane


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