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    Getting error undefined reference to `cyhal_sdio_init' while enabling WiFi




      I have a custom board that is equipped with "CY8C6247BZI-D54" and "4343W" WiFi module.


      I have made a custom BSP that I proved its functionality for other subsystems (i.e GPIO for LEDs, UART for communication, etc.).


      Now, I'm trying to enable WiFi on my custom board.


      I have enabled all the necessary libraries from library manager:


      I spent some time on the Makefile as well to add all necessary paths and variables. (I have attached my Makefile)


      At this point, every time that I build the project I get an error saying : undefined reference to `cyhal_sdio_init.


      Basically cybsp.c file can't find reference to "cyhal_sdio_init"


      I went through packages under mtb_shared folder of my project and noticed the file that is supposed to have the definition for "cyhal_sdio_init" is "cyhal_sdhc.c" which that is under mtb-hal-cat1/latest-v1.X/COMPONENT_PSOC6HAL/source.


      I made sure my make file has "PSOC6HAL".


      However, I'm still not able to build the project without the error. For some reason the compiler can't see the source file for SDIO under mtb-hal-cat1.


      Any idea what I'm missing here? I have a feeling something is still missing in my Makefile (attached).