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    KitProg3 PSoC5 programming using python


      Hi everyone,


      I'm trying to use Python_Ex.py script to program PSoC5 using KitProg3 programmer.  When I run Python_Ex.py, everything seems to go well - data is transferred, all checks pass, chip is released. However, after script is finished it looks like the chip is left in a "bad" state. The code clearly doesn't work and when I try to debug it with attach to running target option, it looks like the CPU is either not running or executing some random code. What is interesting is that I can program the CPU with the same hex file using PSoC Programmer GUI with no issues. Another interesting observation is that I can remove all the parts of the Python_Ex.py that deal with actual programming and just run the chip acquisition and release and again the CPU is no longer working. I can restore CPU to working state by simply running checksum in PSoC Programmer GUI.


      My question is this, what does PSoC Programmer GUI do that's different from Python_Ex.py when acquiring and then releasing the CPU?


      Thank you for you help,