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    CYW920721B2EVK-02 Demo Project compilation issue


      Hello everyone,


      I was trying to re-program the demo application that came with the eval board.


      Through ModusToolbox, I downloaded the "Audio-20721B2EVK02"  application.  I was able to build the "Audio-20721B2EVK02.a2dp_sink" project fine, but a few other audio projects are having compilation issues, 1 specifically "Audio-20721B2EVK02.headset"



      headset_control.c:673:14: error: 'BTM_BLE_REMOTE_CONNECTION_PARAM_REQ_EVT' undeclared (first use in this function); did you mean 'BTM_BLE_CONNECTION_PARAM_UPDATE'?



      This seems to be missing from wiced_bt_dev.h.



      Is this project deprecated, or is there some library update that must be done ?


      I have:

      wiced_btsdk release-v2.6.0 18c098e

      Audio-20721B2EVK02 release -v2.7.1 7831eff

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          Hi alca_3047856 ,


          Seems like your BTSDK version is old and example you are trying is higher version .

          Please update the wiced_btsdk version and try   [ Delete old wiced_btsdk libraries -> Click New Application -> select a kit name -> wiced_btsdk -> create   ]?



          CYW20721 is not a product supported within the broad market , thus in community.  So please contact your local Cypress sales/FAE team to discuss further queries specific to 20721.