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    Peripheral Device Not Found in IoS




      We have developed a Peripheral device on CYBLE-212020-00 device. It has lots of custom characteristics and use read/write/notify functions of BLE 4.2. We also developed a chrome based mobile app. On Android devices, the chrome app is able to find our device and connect to it then read/write to our custom characteristics successfully. But iPhone devices can not find our peripheral device neither on our chrome app nor settings->bluetooth.


      We also downloaded the CySmart ios application and interestingly it is able to find our peripheral device. I think if we can solve the issue about finding our device in settings->bluetooth in the iphone device, our chrome app will be able to find it either.


      I found below article and tried the suggestions there but none of them worked:


      Making a BLE Device Discoverable on iOS Devices - KBA223312


      I copied my BLE component to an empty project and archived that project here. After programming the project to the cyble module, you should be able to see it with the name "TEST_PERIPHERAL" on android devices but not on ios devices. Can anyone please help me to solve this issue? Otherwise our device will only be used on Android device which is not acceptable for us.


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