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    Reading from UART and publishing through RFCOMM




      I want to create a replacement for HC-06 using PSOC-6 (right now I'm working with the CYW920819EVB-02 development board). I could compile and test the RFCOMM examples given in Modus Toolbox, I could run it publishing data when an interruption occurs and when a timeout happens. But the main problem is that code is more than 700 lines just for an example and it is using already two UARTS through WICED SDK, so it's quite difficult to understand how a third UART (or reusing one of those two already used) could be added to the project to receive data from it. The example given for an external UART (but not sending data through bluetooth) is using PUART, which is already used in RFCOMM. So I'm quite lost how to add a new peripheral, in this case, a UART, into the project, someone can illuminate me?


      Thanks in advance.

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          HI RoAl_1242481 ,


          I am not sure if I understood your query properly.

          If you are looking for a third UART interface to connect a HW peripheral, then I am sorry its not possible with 20819.

          There is only two HW UART interface possible - one is peripheral UART (PUART) and other one is HCI UART (which is used for programming the device. And later in the application can be used to send/receive raw packets as in MTB demo example under "HAL-20819EVB02- uart_raw_mode:).

          Can you please confirm if the PUART is already connected with any other device? or please clarify your design requirement. Or please clarify the need of third PUART.


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