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    Cyusb UART c++ code example


      Hi Cypress,


      I want to use EVM kit (CY7C65211-24LTXI) for UART communication,


      How shall I set no flow control (use utility?) and "isMsbFirst"?


      Below is partial of my setting,


      CY_UART_CONFIG cyUARTConfig;


      cyUARTConfig.baudRate = CY_UART_BAUD_115200;

      cyUARTConfig.parityMode = CY_DATA_PARITY_DISABLE;

      cyUARTConfig.stopBits = CY_UART_ONE_STOP_BIT;

      cyUARTConfig.dataWidth = 8;


      Thank you!


      Derlin Chow

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          Hello Derlin,


          Please use the CyUartSetHwFlowControl() function to set the appropriate flow control. For no flow control, the parameter should be CY_UART_FLOW_CONTROL_DISABLE.

          Please refer to the UART API section in the USB-Serial API guide for all the APIs related to UART in vendor mode.


          The data is always transmitted LSb (Least Significant bit) first. This cannot be changed.