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    [C++] How can I predict the order of CCyUSBDevice list?


      Dear all,

      I have more FX3 conncted to the same machine and I need to connect to a specific one.


      Normally, to look for a specific device by its serial number, I would do something like this:


      CCyUSBDevice device;
      const unsigned char num_of_devices = device.DeviceCount();
      for (unsigned char i = 0; i < num_of_devices; i++)
          if (check(device.SerialNumber))
      // Do something with the device


      However, in my case I cannot sequentially open all the connected devices. I need to query WMI database, get a list of all CYUSB3 connected devices and then open a specific one. My problem is that the order of the CYUSB3 devices that I get from WMI database is different from the Cypress driver order.


      Is there a way to predict how the Cypress driver (or library) will enumerate my devices (e.g. order by serial, PID, description...) in order to avoid a sequential device scan?


      Thank you,