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    Low Temperature Operation of CY8C6247BZI-D34




      I have a number of CY8C6247BZI-D34 parts on boards I have designed


      When I put them in an environmental chamber and set the temperature to -10 Celsius, the PSoC 6 device shuts down.


      According to the data sheet, the device is rated to -40 Celsius.


      Why would the device shut down while still within the temperature operating range?


      The device is not required to perform many operations, but it does need to remain on while at low temperature.


      Thank you.

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          Hello Jason,


          I expect the device to work right down to -40°C. Can you kindly let me know how we deduce that the device has shutdown. Would it also be possible to let me know the status of XRES and VDDD pins.


          Also, it would be helpful for us to troubleshoot, if a simple firmware like toggling GPIO is used in the environmental chamber.


          It would also be nice if I can get the schematics.


          Best regards,

          Sampath Selvaraj

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            Hi Sampath,


            The way I deduced that the device has shutdown is by monitoring the IO it controls. This IO includes: an I2C bus connected to a host PC via a TotalPhase Aardvark and 7 different pins connected to enable lines of other devices on the board.


            I continuously monitored the VDDD pin and it was consistently at 1.799V over all temperatures. I did not monitor the XRES line, but I can try that. What am I looking for when monitoring XRES?


            Below is the schematic of the device.


            I am using a code that also continuously measures the die temperature using the internal temperature sensor which is transmitted over the I2C bus to the host PC.


            Thank you.