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    What is different use Graphic HSSPI and MCU HSSPI in S6J328CL?


      S6J328CL has 1-channel 4-bit x2 DDR HSSPI. I want to connect to it external QSPI Serial Flash ROM (S25FL128S or S25FL256S), for reading images to be displayed via graphic subsystem.
      In datasheet "6.1 Port Description List" (p.62-63) 8 data pins and 2 select pins HSSPI are mentioned twice: in role Graphic HSSPI and role MCU HSSPI. The fundamental difference in the clock pins (G_SCLK0 - 74 pin, M_SCLK0 - 65 pin). See image (pin overlap - green, pin differences - red):
      HSSPI dif_s.jpg

      One more moment: In hardware manual "1. Memory Map" (p.64-65) memory for HSSPI mapping in two area: Graphic subsystem (4000_0000 - 4FFF_FFFF) and CPU (8000_0000 - 8FFF_FFFF).


      Do I understand correctly, that clock in flash memory in my case should be connected to G_SCLK0 Graphic HSSPI?
      Does the choice (of G_SCLK0 and M_SCLK0) affect which memory area the data will be mapped to?