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    PSOC 5LP Verilog


      Hi all,


      I am just now trying to learn how to use the Verilog functionality of PSoC. I just had one question, if I made a component and write Verilog code for it; lets say I want to read the output of the component on the main loop in C, hw would I set the component so that I could read it by a command such as component_Read() for example.

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          That, of course, depends on the component internals. If the component is a simple Verilog w/o using a Datapath, then simplest would be to add output bus to the component and use a Status Register outside the component to read the bus data.

          Read output_01a_A.png


          It is possible to instantiate a Status register inside a Verilog component, and read it directly. Attached is a demo project showing accessing Control and a Status registers inside a custom component using API call.




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            I'm afraid that I was too slow.

            Although odissey1-san has posted the answer,

            as I also created a sample, let me post it anyway ;-)


            As far as I know, I could describe a component with Verilog HDL,

            I could only generate a symbol for it.

            So I need either using Control_Reg and Status_Reg to directly write/read data,

            or connect other component(s) to assign data into the component and/or extract data from it.


            As usual I tried with CY8CKIT-059.


            First I wrote a simple verilog in the Workspace > <project> > Components Tab, using Add Component Item...


            Then I create a symbol for it


            Then I created a schematic






            #include "project.h"

            #include "stdio.h"


            #define STR_LEN 32

            char    str[STR_LEN+1] ;

            void    print(char *str)


                UART_PutString(str) ;



            void cls(void)


                print("\033c") ; /* reset */

                CyDelay(20) ;

                print("\033[2J") ; /* clear screen */

                CyDelay(20) ;



            void splash(char *prog_name)


                cls() ;

                if (prog_name && *prog_name) {

                    print(prog_name) ;


                print(" (") ;

                print(__DATE__) ;

                print(" ") ;

                print(__TIME__) ;

                print(")\n") ;



            void init_hardware(void)


                CyGlobalIntEnable; /* Enable global interrupts. */

                UART_Start() ;



            int main(void)


                uint8_t in, out ;

                int i ;


                init_hardware() ;


                splash("5LP Verilog Test") ;




                    for (i = 0 ; i < 0x100 ; i++) {

                        in = i & 0xFF ;

                        in_data_Write(in) ;

                        out = out_data_Read() ;

                        snprintf(str,STR_LEN, "0x%02X -> 0x%02X\n\r", in, out) ;

                        print(str) ;

                        CyDelay(1000) ;






            The result Tera Term log was