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    Can't Build Combined App0 and App1


      Following the instructions here: unknown

      Generate Combined Hex File for PSoC 6 MCU Basic Device Firmware Update - KBA227138


      I get this error when I try to build app1(step 4):

      '.\CortexM4\ARM_GCC_541\Debug\PSoC6DfuBasicApp101_merged.elf' is not recognized as an internal or external command,

      operable program or batch file.


      This comes up when I add these lines to post_build_core1.bat:

      @rem Merges App0 and App1 into a single hex file for easier programming


      %CY_MCU_ELF_TOOL% -M %OUTPUT_DIR%\%PRJ_NAME%%ELF_EXT% ..\App0%ELF_EXT% --output

      %OUTPUT_DIR%\%PRJ_NAME%_merged%ELF_EXT% --hex %OUTPUT_DIR%\%PRJ_NAME%.hex


      I don't understand how the .bat file works... From the error it looks like it is trying to run PSoC6DfuBasicApp101_merged.elf as a command even though it is just a file.

      Any ideas how to get these lines working?


      I started with the example projects PSoC6DfuBasicApp0Uart01, and PSoC6DfuBasicApp101 for app0 and app1.