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    BusConnect: virtual interface for digital hardware bus



      Provided below is a custom component, BusConnect v1.0, which provides easy interfacing of two digital buses of mismatching sizes.


      The component facilitates (I) connection of the narrow output to wide input, and (II) connection of wide output to a narrow input. The component is virtual, it doesn’t consume system resources. Using BusConnect component saves space and simplifies schematic. Component is compatible with PSoC4 and PSoC5 (PSoC6 - untested).


      Attached archive contains the component library, a Datasheet and installation instructions. Upon installation it will show up in the folder:



      The component provided as-is, no liabilities. It is free to use, modify and distribute.




      Figure 1.  The BusConnect appearance for bits injection and its equivalent representation.



      Figure 2. Example of hardware Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO) with adjustable gain.



      Figure 3. Example of hardware chirp generator for ultrasound range finder.