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    CPLD Programming Via JTAG


      I want to support in-system programming of Cypress devices, including some old Flash370i family devices (e.g. the CY7C375I-83UMB CPLD). There is a Cypress application note titled “An Introduction to In System Reprogramming with Flash370i” that provides an overview of their JTAG interface and instruction codes, but states that execution of each instruction is beyond the scope of that application note. Data sheets for both older and newer Cypress devices indicate that Cypress maintains a strong commitment to third-party software vendors, including third-party programmers. As a third-party programmer vendor, I would like to get the documentation necessary to program Flash370i family and later devices via their JTAG interface. How may I acquire documentation on this?


      As a possible alternative, I can execute programming test vectors in some common boundary-scan formats such as JAM/STAPL or SVF. Such files can be generated by the Cypress ISR software for newer devices. The aforementioned application note indicated that this functionality should be available for Flash370i devices as well. Is there a version of the Cypress ISR software that can generate JAM or STAPL files for Flash370i devices?