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    How to prevent the deletion of EEPROM emulated data with the Keil and PSoc6


      Hi, I created project with PSoc Creator for PSoc 6 that use emulated EPROM. I imported in Keil the project, following application note to modify the scatter file and the eeprom works fine (I can write and read the memory). 


      The problem is that when I program for second time the PSoc with Keil (during debug for example) the emulated eeprom section (that is located in flash memory) is deleted by programmer.


      I already uncheck chip erase, but all listed sections are erased. If I delete eeprom section from list, the section is not erased but I can't run the debugger. 

      Is there a way to exclude the eeprom section from sections erase in order to prevent section data lost?


      Thank You