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    Magsense LX/RX pins / yellow status




      Are there ANY drawbacks having mag-sense LX+RX pins configured with the "yellow status"?

      - any risks for lower performance?

      - how can I see what resources are used up due to the "non optimal" pin config!?




      - what's the logic behind how magsense buttons LX vs RX can be placed.

        it seems to be quite strict that a LX/RX pair can't sit on a neighbouring pin

        (which is usually what you want when routing)

        right now, one coil always needs a wire coming from two separate sides of the part

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          It is described in Help of PSoC Creator.

          The image is excerpted below.


          The yellow display is functionally fine.

          However, automatic wiring can cause problems.

          A common problem is that analog wiring is not possible or it may affect dedicated pins such as SCB.

          After building the project, if there are no errors, I think there is no problem.