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    CYUSB3014 3.0 mode re-enumeration failure problem(cyusb3014 3.0 模式重枚举失败问题)









      焊接后,用Cypress网站上编译的Bulk Source Sink工程里的img文件测试后,情况为:










      下面是英文翻译,方便各位阅读(Below are English version for facilitating reading)


      Now  I would like to ask a very troublesome question. We made a simple two-layer board to try the speed of CYUSB3014 USB3.0.

      (1) The impedance is calculated for the wiring this time, the line width is 30 mil, the line spacing is 6 mil, the RX/TX line has via holes, and the standard B port is used.

      (2) A similar board was made some time ago. RX/TX has no vias, the line width is 25mil and the line spacing is 6mil, but 3.0 is recognized but the speed is only 240M

      (3) This time we wanted to try to change it again, so we changed it and did it again, but it didn't work. . . , CYUSB3014 chip was used last time, removed and planted a 0.5mm ball and re-soldered to the new board

      (4) The board hardware is configured to download firmware only from USB, and only one gpio port is used to make a led want to try, other gpio ports are left floating


      After soldering, after testing with the img file in the Bulk Source Sink project compiled on the Cypress website, the situation is:

      (1) Everything is normal with the 2.0 data line, the 2.0 data line can run to 46.5M, and the Jtag can be connected

      (2) Re-enumeration failed with 3.0. After a while, a device named "Unknown USB Device (Failed to Set Address)" was seen in the Device Manager, or there was no response at all

      (3) I used wireshark to check the situation after the firmware was downloaded, the control endpoint stopped after more than a dozen data transfers


      Could you please analyze the possible problems? Thank you!