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    CYW954907AEVAL1F switch ip settings


      hi, i'm using cyw95407aeval and i want do a tcp client but in this case i want to changethe mask, gateway and ip, as shown below   but this not working .


      unsigned long rn[]={255,255,0,  0};

          unsigned long ri[]={172,10,  85,  0};

          unsigned long rg[]={172,168,  100,  4};



           unsigned long ip_address1 = MAKE_IPV4_ADDRESS(ri[0],ri[1],ri[2],ri[3]);

           unsigned long netmask1 = MAKE_IPV4_ADDRESS(rn[0],rn[1],rn[2],rn[3]);

           unsigned long gateway1 = MAKE_IPV4_ADDRESS(rg[0],rg[1],rg[2],rg[3]);

           //const wiced_ip_address_t SET_IPV4_ADDRESS(ip_address,);



           static  wiced_ip_setting_t device_init_ip_settings1 ={

              INITIALISER_IPV4_ADDRESS( .ip_address, ip_address1),

              INITIALISER_IPV4_ADDRESS( .netmask,    netmask1 ),

              INITIALISER_IPV4_ADDRESS( .gateway,gateway1     ),



      the log is INITIALISER_IPV4_ADDRESS is not a constant, how i can make it work ?