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    Watchdog reset Issue




      I am Using CY8C4147AZI-S445 MCU for a Battery Operated device. This device takes GPS data and send it to server through a GSM Module SIM800. This device has rechargeable batteries , about 2 months device works perfectly, but we found an issue after that, device is in continuous reset. means device wake then start for 2-3 seconds and then watchdog reset occurs. I thought it mighty be a issue of bad battery, but when I changed the battery(fully charged and working ), then issue occurs same, it means device stuck, and doesn't recover. Then I upload code again and device, works perfectly fine without any issue.


      This is very bad for a system to not to be recovers automatically also when on power reset.


      I also didn't use internal flash for data storage.


      Code flow:

      1) System Wake

      2) On GSM GPS

      3) take GPS reading

      4) data stored in external EEPROM

      5) Send data to server

      6) sleep for fix time(example 5 hours)


      and this cycle continuous.


      Please help us to solve this problem.




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          For me this sounds like some status variablle creates an buffer overflow.


          please check if you load any value from the storage and increment it.


          if it fails after a looooong time and then after reset imediately fails And only fixes by reflash... this sounds like it.


          i had a similar issue in the past with psoc. I did forget to clear variables after use. And i didnt have sanity checks for maximum values... maybe you count the recieved or sent packages to logfile. This gets picked up at boot maybe. And then boooooom buffer overflow....


          happy debugging.


          greetings Thomas