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    CYW4343W: Using WiFi (SDIO) & BT (UART) at the same time



      We are planning on using the CYW4343W or CYW43438 WiFi/BT combo module with a host CPU running Linux.

      We have the Host CPU connected up to SDIO for WiFi and UART for BT. We are using one antenna.

      The question is, can we communicate with a external WiFi and a BT device at the same time? In other words can the SDIO and UART busses be running concurrently and the CYW4343x can handle the data flow?

      The Datasheet does mention the following features but just want to make sure I have understood them.

      Datasheet quotes the following features

      • Integrated iTR switch supports a single 2.4 GHz antenna shared between WLAN and Bluetooth.

      • WiFi: Supports standard SDIO v2.0 (1bit mode: 25Mbps or 4bit mode: 100Mbps) and gSPI[1] host interfaces

      • BT: Interface support — Host Controller Interface (HCI) using a high-speed UART interface (up to 4Mbps) and PCM/I2S for audio data.

      • Concurrent Bluetooth, and WLAN operation

      • Simultaneous BT/WLAN reception with a single antenna

      • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) support

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          Hi Alan,


          Yes, reception for Bluetooth and WLAN reception for shared antenna applications is possible and this is done in a TDM fashion. The radios operate in a time multiplexed manner or TDM. So, simultaneous reception is achieved this way.

          You can refer to the Coex App Note in WICED SDK for more details.

          Location: /43xxx_Wi-Fi/doc/WICED-Coexistence-App-Note.pdf. Apologies for the delay in response.