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    CYW20721 and wiced_rtos.h




      Does this chip support functions from this file?

      If so, where can I get a library to use?

      When a file is included in the code, a view error is generated:

      undefined reference to `wiced_rtos_deinit_queue'.

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          Hi AlGo_4347736,


          You are referring to CYW20721B1 or CYW20721B2? Which ModusToolbox, BTSDK version are you using?

          wiced_rtos.h is supported fully. Please check /wiced_btsdk/dev-kit/baselib/20721B2/include/wiced_rtos.h in latest BTSDK 2.7.1 release.

          Make sure you have included file correctly with correct API name.

          Also, confirm if you have done 'make getlibs' before programming the board.