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    Pairing issue with Bluetooth in CYW43455


      Hi Team,


      I am trying to bring up Bluetooth in UART using CYW43455 module.

      I have done the following steps:


      1. Enabled BT_REG_ON to output high.

      2. Bluez has been set up in the board.

      3. Copied the firmware from cyw-bt-patch/BCM4345C0_003.001.025.0144.0266.1MW.hcd at master · murata-wireless/cyw-bt-patch · GitHub  to /etc/firmware folder.

      4. I did hciattach and following are the logs.

      $ sudo hciattach -t 30 /dev/ttyTHS1 bcm43xx 3000000 flow


      Set Controller UART speed to 3000000 bit/s

      Flash firmware /etc/firmware/BCM4345C0_003.001.025.0144.0266.1MW.hcd

      Set Controller UART speed to 3000000 bit/s

      Device setup complete


      5. Then I tried pairing with bluetoothctl and got the following logs:


      $ sudo bluetoothctl

      [NEW] Controller 48:EB:62:C2:B8:C7 BlueZ 5.48 [default]

      Agent registered

      [bluetooth]# agent on

      Agent is already registered

      [bluetooth]# default-agent

      Default agent request successful

      [bluetooth]# scan on

      Discovery started

      [CHG] Controller 48:EB:62:C2:B8:C7 Discovering: yes

      [NEW] Device 75:6E:A7:64:9C:05 75-6E-A7-64-9C-05

      [NEW] Device 94:65:2D:99:CD:12 793ffad1

      [NEW] Device 0D:61:95:00:1C:9B boAt Rockerz 600

      [bluetooth]# scan off

      [CHG] Device 0D:61:95:00:1C:9B RSSI is nil

      [CHG] Device 94:65:2D:99:CD:12 RSSI is nil

      [CHG] Device 75:6E:A7:64:9C:05 RSSI is nil

      [CHG] Controller 48:EB:62:C2:B8:C7 Discovering: no

      Discovery stopped

      [bluetooth]# pair 0D:61:95:00:1C:9B

      Attempting to pair with 0D:61:95:00:1C:9B

      [CHG] Device 0D:61:95:00:1C:9B Connected: yes

      Failed to pair: org.bluez.Error.AuthenticationFailed

      [CHG] Device 0D:61:95:00:1C:9B Connected: no


      I am getting the above issue " Failed to pair: org.bluez.Error.AuthenticationFailed ". Can you help me resolving this issue?