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    Power and Data role for HX3PD




      I will operate DRP(Dual role port)  using the UP stream port and DS1 (PD support port) of HX3PD.

      Is it possible to operate DRP(Dual Role Power) and DRD(Dual role Data) between US and DS1?


      If yes, are there any special control?


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          Hello Arai-san,


          Please refer to the ordering information section in the datasheet, in HX3PD the US port is a DRP and DS1 port is a DFP.

          So, it wont be possible to change the configuration to be a DRP port on DS1 since the Rd terminations arent supported.

          The default firmware has the US port configured as a device and DS1 as a host and since the ports are as per the hub controller, the configuration should not be changed to DRD port.


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