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    About Clock used for CAN communication




      Is it possible to configure the clock used for CAN communication with only the internal clock without using WCO?

      If WCO is not used, a warning message will be displayed at compile and WCO will be displayed.

      If used, it will set the external clock.

      The crystal oscillator is not mounted on the board that uses PSoC4.


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          Hello Hayato-San,


          The CAN component requires an accuracy of 1.58% to achieve a baud rate of 125kbps (or slower bit rates). An accuracy of 0.5% or better would be required for bit-rates faster than 125kbps. It is not possible to achieve this accuracy with IMO (which is +/-2%) or any other internal clock.


          It would be required to use the EXTCLK or ECO if you are not using WCO to achieve this accuracy.


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