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    Use of PWM during Deepsleep




      We are developing with CYBLE-416045-02 with built-in PSoc6.

      The product is battery-powered and repeats Deep Sleep Mode and Active Mode to reduce current consumption as much as possible during operation.

      I want to display the voltage status with LED during operation. Is it possible to use PWM during Deep Sleep Mode?


      As far as I can see from the table below, I feel that it cannot be used while in Deep Sleep mode.…



      If not possible, is there another idea to reduce current consumption?


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          The TCPWMs are off in Deep Sleep so that wont work.


          Given that an LED burns at least 1mA or more I am not sure how that is going to be consistent with saving power.  Even with a super low duty cycle the LED will burn at least 10x the power of the CPU.


          If you are going to use the LED to indicate the state of the battery you probably want to do the math and make sure that you can achieve your design objectives e.g. battery life.