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    ModusToolbox cannot create wiced_btsdk project in Linux


      When trying to File -> ModusToolbox Application -> WICED  Bluetooth BSPs, then select CYW920706WCDEVAL and then selecting wiced_btsdk I get the following messages under Linux (see below).


      Apparently, the option `recurse-submodules' is not working in Linux. Maybe it works ok in Windows, but in Linux - no.




      = Updating Makefile for 'wiced_btsdk' =




      = Getting Dependencies for 'wiced_btsdk' =


      make getlibs CY_TOOLS_PATHS=/home/bernhard.goedel/ModusToolbox/tools_2.2



      = Importing libraries =


      Git is git version 2.7.4, found at /usr/bin/git


      Searching application directory (.lib)...

      Application directory search complete.


      Searching "." directory (.lib)...

      Found 44 .lib file(s)

        Processing file "./dev-kit/baselib/20706A2.lib"

      usage: git ls-remote [--heads] [--tags] [--upload-pack=<exec>]

        [-q | --quiet] [--exit-code] [--get-url] [<repository> [<refs>...]]

      error: unknown option `recurse-submodules'

      usage: git checkout [<options>] <branch>

        or: git checkout [<options>] [<branch>] -- <file>...


        -q, --quiet suppress progress reporting

        -b <branch> create and checkout a new branch

        -B <branch> create/reset and checkout a branch

        -l create reflog for new branch

        --detach detach the HEAD at named commit

        -t, --track set upstream info for new branch

        --orphan <new-branch>

        new unparented branch

        -2, --ours checkout our version for unmerged files

        -3, --theirs checkout their version for unmerged files

        -f, --force force checkout (throw away local modifications)

        -m, --merge perform a 3-way merge with the new branch

        --overwrite-ignore update ignored files (default)

        --conflict <style> conflict style (merge or diff3)

        -p, --patch select hunks interactively


        do not limit pathspecs to sparse entries only


        do not check if another worktree is holding the given ref

        --progress force progress reporting


      make: *** [getlibs] Error 1





        : Script : /home/bernhard.goedel/ModusToolbox/tools_2.2/make/getlibs.bash

        : Bash path : /home/bernhard.goedel/ModusToolbox/tools_2.2/modus-shell/bin/bash

        : Bash version: 4.3.48(1)-release

        : Exit code : 129

        : Call stack : trap_exit perform_git process_lib extract_data find_libs main

      /home/bernhard.goedel/ModusToolbox/tools_2.2/make/getlibs.mk:125: recipe for target 'getlibs' failed

      "make getlibs" failed.


      Failed to create "wiced_btsdk" application.