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    PSOC 5LP: CY8C58LP,  delta sigma adc configured for 16 to 20 bit, max  number of reading channels?


      Initially I defined to use a PSOC 6 (development kit including wifi+BLE) but I discovered that the ADC SAR has 12 bits of resolution. As I suppose this resolution is fixed, I was trying to discover other PSOC with a higher resolution and I found PSOC 5LP 58LP, which allows 8 to 20 bit delta-sigma ADC. Good, but I can not find clearly which is the number of analog channels to be read, and if I can have a kit having also capabilities for wifi+BLE. So these are my questions:

      1/ max number of analog read channels for PSOC 5LP CY8C58LP (kit CY8CKIT-050). Any code example on how to route many analog channels to the ADC?.

      2/ How could I expand CY8CKIT-050 with wifi+BLE capabilities


      Thanks for the help.