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    KBA225808 for CSD V7.0 with CY8CKIT-145-40XX




      KBA225808 can be tried up to V6.0 of CSD.

      CSD V7.0 requires a program modification.

      The following of main.c has been changed.

      Please see the following thread.

      Measure Cmod and Cp of PSoC 4S CapSense for CSD V7.0


      Up to CSD V6.0   [The unit of u8_cpValue[] are pF(picofarad).]

      From CSD V7.0  [The unit of u8_cpValue[] are fF(femtofarad).]

      Be sure to set the following definition in main.c to 0.

      (Set to 1 to enable CapSense Tuner.)

      Build this project and program it into CY8C4045AZI-S413 of CY8CKIT-145-40XX.

      Here, if a program for I2C communication with CY8C4045AZI-S413 is written in CYBLE-022001-00, it will not work properly.

      Use the PSoC Programmer to erase the CYBLE-022001-00 program.


      Launch the Bridge Control Panel and follow the steps below to open V70_2ch Cp.iic and V70_2ch Cp.ini.

      1. [File] -> [Open File...] -> [V70_4ch Cp.iic] open

      2. [Chart] -> [Variable Settings] -> [Loading...] in Submenu -> [V70_4ch Cp.ini] open -> [OK] in Submenu

      3. Click the following line in the [Editor] tab.

      r 08 x x x x x @0WID0 @1WID0 @2WID0 @3WID0 @0WID1 @1WID1 @2WID1 @3WID1 p

      4. Select the [Chart] tab next to the [Editor] tab and click [Repeat].

          Then, touch SLD0(0.0) and SLD4(0.6).

      Click the next line  in the [Editor] tab if you want to see the Cmod value.

      r 08 x @0CMOD @1CMOD @2CMOD @3CMOD x x x x x x x x p

      And change the valiable settings of [Chart].


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