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    What is the proper connection from FX3S to USB Type C?


      We're trying to figure out the proper way to connect a USB Type C connector to an EZ-USB FX3S SuperSpeed USB Controller (CYUSB303X).  The dev kit schematic has a Type B connector, which is simpler than a Type C.  The latter has pins for four differential pairs, and it has CC pins, among other things.  The FX3S has only two differential pairs.  I believe that we would just connect the FX3S Rx and Tx pair to the corresponding pair on one side of the connector, i.e. pins A2/A3 and B10/B11.  What I don't know about is how to handle the CC pin next to the pair.  The FX3S doesn't appear to support the Configuration Channel, but my understanding that negotiating the transfer mode via CC is important.  How is this handled?